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About Us

OpenAuto is a platform that enables you to get instant access to quality auto repair and maintenance services from the comfort of your homes.



At OpenAuto, we get it - finding a reliable auto repair shop can feel like a treasure hunt, and not the fun kind. Between juggling your schedule to drop off your car and crossing your fingers that the mechanic knows their stuff, it’s enough to make anyone’s head spin.

That’s where OpenAuto swoops in like a superhero. We’re your all-in-one car care concierge. How does it work? Simple. We pick up your car from wherever you choose. Then, our hand-picked, top-notch partner shops work their magic on your vehicle. But wait, there’s more - you can track the entire process like you’re watching from the sky. And for the grand finale, we roll out the red carpet and deliver your car back to you.

With OpenAuto, you get peace of mind, quality service, and time back in your day. It’s car care you always deserved.

A Quote From

The Founder

The auto industry is crying out for a revolution, and OpenAuto is set to be the foundation that future innovators will build upon.

OpenAuto was born from the voices of countless customers we’ve served through our own auto repair shops. After engaging in thousands of conversations, it became crystal clear that this industry is riddled with recurring pain points - trust, transparency, predictability, and timeliness, to name a few. As a software engineer with a passion for making a difference, I am fired up to steer OpenAuto as the game-changing remedy to these deep-rooted challenges.

“We understand what people want and we are here to give it to them.”


The Company

Founded in 2022, OpenAuto set sail with a mission to bring auto repair and maintenance right to your phone. Let’s face it - car matters are unexpected, whether it is maintenance or repair and hunting for a trustworthy garage feels like a wild goose chase, especially when the clock is ticking. OpenAuto is here to sweep those worries off the road and make car care as easy as ordering a pizza.

Where is Your Car Getting Serviced at?

Each order is directed to one of our partner shops and whiche giving you the power to track the process every step in the way.

Range of Services

We offer a wide range of services on our mobile app; from vehicle repairs to periodic maintenance.


Mobile App

 Access the best auto care services and advice on our app and enjoy our seamless experience.

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